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Confidentiality is paramount to our work. Clients come to us with sensitive work challenges, politically charged organizational issues, and personal life issues that can be intensely private. We respect our clients' privacy and handle the important information they share with complete discretion.


Our process is client-focused, practical, and solutions-based. We take a step back with our clients to see their whole picture, and then use a strategic system of managing and operating both specific, timely challenges, as well as their whole, multi-faceted lives. This is not past-preoccupied therapy. This is futuristic, goal-oriented, forward motion.


The You Business™ believes in blue skies and green lights. We help our clients see problems as challenges to be overcome and roadblocks as opportunities to take the higher road. Our process includes brainstorming and generating multiple options that our clients have before them, but don't always see. It's about making it happen.


We are in this to win. That means working with you to make the various aspects of your life profitable. The systems and tools we have designed are focused on yielding gainful results for you. There's no shame in wanting more out of life. The You Business™ helps you create it.


Our ears are bigger than our mouths at The You Business™. Sessions are your chance to be heard. Yes, we pose questions, generate ideas, and offer counsel, when appropriate. But, this is your life. And we're here to hear about how we can make it what you want it to be. You've got the microphone.


One of the things our clients enjoy the most is being held accountable. It's one thing to have grand visions and ambitious goals, and quite another to bring them to fruition. Our job is to encourage you to show up for yourself, to follow through, to recognize that this isn't a dress rehearsal. When you set your mind to something, we're here to support you in getting it done.


There aren't couches to recline on at The You Business™. This isn't about decades of psychotherapy. We are committed to supporting your positive results here and now. While our work is oriented towards the future, we'd prefer to have you move into it successfully without us. By that, we mean we want you to take the tools and skills that we build with you during our engagement, and become your own coach. Our success is your successful independence.

To be of service to our clients by guiding them to

  • Stimulate passionate purpose

  • Simplify the overwhelming

  • Structure the chaos

  • Solve the stuff that keeps them stuck

  • Succeed at what matters most

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At The You Business™, we are in the service of fueling positive forward motion. We believe that our path of contribution in this world is to be of service to you, our client. We are in the business of facilitating remarkable change in the lives of extraordinary people. It is a privilege that we honor. That's why we named our company as we did -- with you in mind.

So that they may live more productive, profitable and meaningful lives.