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Elise somehow manages to tackle a tangle of my professional and personal issues very objectively and helps me build a strategy to cope with my complex life and achieve my goals.

Portfolio Manager, The Capital Group

If there were ever a time for Elise Lelon and The You Business, it is now. The stressful life most of us city dwellers lead is just plain overwhelming. I sought out Elise when I was at a crucial crossroads in my life: on the quest to define a meaningful career and land my ideal job; balancing life with my fiancee after our recent engagement; and battling the daily troubles of a dysfunctional family. Elise provided me with a structured, respectful and confidential place to come and address not only my frustrations and challenges, but also the many positive options in front of my face -- which I wasn't focusing on. With The You Business' techniques and tools, she showed me how to make mature and meaningful decisions in my life. I learned that life-altering decisions can't be rushed. With the help of her proprietary coaching model, I created a clear vision for my career and for my family relationships. I am now able to live my life without letting others live it for me. That's priceless.

Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

Sometimes it's hard to see the trees through the forest. Other times, it's tough to make out the forest through all the trees. The coaching I get from Elise helps me do both with a clarity I haven't had before. This new clarity has totally redirected my choices, and the benefits to date are huge. She may be unassuming in her approach, but wow, watch this space. Her results for clients are off the charts.

Senior Vice President, Corcoran Real Estate

Elise modeled what I would like to be more like as a woman and as a leader. Our visioning work was extremely motivating and uplifting, and so profitable for me. The strategic planning we did made things seem doable (rather than overwhelming) to me. I found our coaching relationship significant and safe. Elise is a wonderful advisor and coach.

Executive Director, Manhattan - based Non Profit

The proof is in the pudding. It's amazing that I allow to be interrupted by almost everything in my day-to-day job as an executive. And yet, interestingly, my time with Elise is NEVER interrupted. I won't allow anything to get in the way. It's too productive to miss.

Sales Executive, Bank of America

I have attended hours upon hours of classes and discussed hundreds of cases at Harvard Business School, but it wasn't until I attended a series of Elise's three workshops and had my one-on-one with Elise, that I finally received the right tools to understand how to gel and blend the personal and professional sides of my life into a cohesive unit. In each workshop and also during the hour long one-on-one session, Elise pushed and probed me to think beyond conventional wisdom about success and explore what truly matters to me; thus, helping me to craft my own recipe with key ingredients for a happy, successful life. Elise is a remarkably talented, honest, bright, compassionate, skilled, trust-worthy (I could keep adding to the list) coach and I feel very fortunate to have met her and been able to learn from her. I view the relationship I have built with her and the skills I have learned from her as critical components to help me steer myself along as I complete my life journey. Thank you for everything!

Mary Ellen Hammond, Harvard Business School

Firstly thank you, thank you and thank you. I attended both the sessions you have conducted at HBS to date and each time have walked away feeling clearer and more in tune with my innermost self and deepest desires. Your sessions have been an oasis in the midst of an experience that makes it easy to trade off self-awareness and authenticity for convenience and security (...yes, I am the person who had the 19 on your "personal profitability" test!)
As I struggle to try and figure out what is my true purpose and how that translates into a career, I am inspired by your courage, not only in finding your true calling, but also in daring to walk away from a so-called "amazing" job, in pursuit of a bigger dream. Having been at your sessions and felt the energy that clearly comes from deep within you, I somehow feel like you "get it".
My only comment would be that I wish the sessions were longer!

Farai Shonhiwa, Harvard Business School

It was really great hearing you speak yesterday - your story was very inspirational. I hope to catch your next workshop. Thank you for taking the time to come out to HBS and put things in perspective for us.

Vera Makarov, Harvard Business School

In just three sessions at Harvard Business School, Elise was able to give us specific tools to reflect on priorities and major decisions in our life. By borrowing terms such as profit and ROI from the corporate environment, we learned to think more holistically about our lives. I put some real numbers around a post-graduation work option and came away more calm and with fewer questions than I started. The most value from my interactions with Elise came in a one-on-one session in which she asked those tough questions we tend to avoid and helped me focus on how I will make a difference in the years that come.

Anne Himpens, Harvard Business School

Thank you for an inspiring and thoughtful session this afternoon at HBS. I highly enjoyed it and found your framework useful in pinpointing my thinking process. I am looking forward to your next session on the 25th.

Ben Ellencweig, Harvard Business School

Thanks so much for your workshop Elise....it was extremely useful and helpful.

Wayne Chang, Harvard Business School

AVT Institute

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Corporate clients include, but are not limited to, individuals from the following companies. The identity of private clients are not available for review due to our confidentiality commitment.

In a word, my work with Elise has been about inspiration. She is a master with practical, strategic problem solving and idea generation that literally changes not only how I see my job, but my life. To be honest, I had hesitations about the coaching process before I started with Elise. I'm not a touchy feely guy. As the process went along, my hesitations went away. Any expectations I had were exceeded and then some. This is worthwhile work. Do it.

New York - based Trader, Goldman Sachs

Manhattan Based Non-Profit

Morgan Stanley

Nessen Kohlasch & Associates





TCS Insurance Services, Inc.